OrCAD Sigrity ERC

Full board electrical analysis. No models required.

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Full Board Electrical Rules Checking

OrCAD® Sigrity™ Electrical Rules Check (ERC) enables PCB designers to screen a PCB design for signal quality without having to assign any simulation models or to be a signal integrity expert. Going beyond simple geometry-based DRC, the entire PCB design can be evaluated for impedance discontinuities, excessive crosstalk, and return path discontinuities.

SI Made Easy

Quickly analyze your entire design to find potential problems early in the design stage.

No Models Required

Easily set up and run an ERC analysis of your design without having to provide any simulation models or be a signal integrity expert.

Get Actionable Results

Graphically identify issues like Crosstalk; Noise; Overshoot, coupling, impedance mismatches, and more before you go to production.

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Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD Sigrity ERC datasheet.

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Identify Signal Quality Issues

Go beyond simple geometry-based DRC's and analyze your entire PCB design for common causes of electrical failure such as impedance discontinuities, excessive crosstalk, and return path discontinuities. No SI expertise required.

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Prevent Design Failures Early

See how you can quickly identify and resolve common electrical design issues with OrCAD Sigrity ERC.

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Need More Detailed Analysis?

If you need to go deeper into any section of your design, EMA offers the entire Allegro Sigrity product line for comprehensive SI and PI analysis.

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