LTSpice VS. PSpice

See why engineers choose PSpice over LTSpice to get past the noise and simulate critical circuit functionality for first-pass design success.

Compare for Yourself

Don’t let software limits hold you back. Be sure you are working with state-of-the-art software capable of keeping up with your design demands. PSpice quickly evaluates, optimizes, and ensures the reliability of your designs– before prototype. The advanced simulation capabilities in PSpice enable you to solve complex design issues quickly and meet your performance goals on the first pass. 

Take your design capabilities to the next level

Free can come with a cost if you don’t have access to the capabilities you need. PSpice has simulation capabilities you just can’t get in LTSpice including:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Smoke Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Electro-Mechanical Co-Simulation
FeaturesLT SpicePSpice
Model Library Included
(primarily LT parts)

(many manufacturers)
Wizard-Based Model Creation
Wizard-Based Magnetic Part Creation
Custom Stimulus
Automatic Convergence
Annotation & Labeling
Multiple Trace Plot Support
Automated Measurements
Bi-Directional MATLAB/Simulink Integration
Mixed-Mode Simulation
Goal Setting & Optimization
Tolerance Analysis
Analog Worst-Case Analysis
Digital Worst-Case Analysis
Component Stress Analysis
Integrated PCB Impementation
Full Support | Partially Supported | Not Supported

PSpice Features

Scale your SPICE capabilities and leverage the power of a complete circuit simulation and verification solution.

Analysis & Reporting

Easily analyze simulation results with exhaustive axis configuration, multiple trace plots, text labeling, measurements, and calculations within the plot window. 


Efficient & Fast Analysis

Keep simulations on-track and reduce simulation re-runs with automatic convergence, checkpoints, options to restart or resume, and more.

Extensive Model Support

Build and simulate designs quickly with expansive simulation libraries, modeling applications, and more.

Electro-Mechanical Co-Simulation

 Accurately simulate complete electro-mechanical systems with PSpice and MATLAB/Simulink co-Simulation. 

Simulate AND Optimize

Analyze more than just circuit functionality with the ability to fine-tune circuit behavior, improve yield, reduce component cost, and analyze reliability with advanced simulation and design optimization. 

Real-World Worst Case

Model real-world circuit conditions with built-in derating functions to reduce circuit failure with the easy detection and replacement of overstressed components. 

“With OrCAD PSpice Designer, we can verify performance issues, complete risk assessment, and identify integration problems before hardware freeze. PSpice Advanced Analysis helped us reduce costs, improve product reliability and engineering productivity, and, ultimately, deliver ECUs that meet the rigorous quality and reliability standards of the automotive industry.”


Yes, SPICE models can be easily brought into PSpice. Take a look at this tutorial to see how

No, PSpice offers ~34,000 Models from several leading device and component manufacturers plus model wizards for efficient new model creation.

No, PSpice offers unlimited simulation capabilities.

Yes, we offer multiple levels and types of training to fit your needs. Get started with a PSpice tutorial to get you up and running on the basic functionality quickly and take your training to the next level with our interactive workshops. Full training courses are available for PSpice both live online and through self-paced e-learning

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