Virtual Prototyping

Improve Product Quality and Catch Errors Early

Speed Up the Design Process with Ease

Design schedules are shortening and products are becoming increasingly more complex than ever. Oftentimes, costly design errors and problems are found late in the design cycle or after release—particularly due to engineering’s inability to properly analyze and test during product development, where the cost of change is lowest. Simply put, testing cannot wait until the physical prototype is built.

Common Issues Virtual Prototyping Can Resolve

  • Inability to test all product use cases with a physical prototype
  • Product failures found after release
  • Inability to optimize for cost, yield, and reliability
  • No way to quickly test design alternatives early in the development phase
  • Multiple re-spins due to product quality issues

Improve Quality and Reduce Time to Market

Deliver First Pass Success

Cut needless respins and improve product quality with virtual prototyping.

Design for Cost, Yield and Reliability

Enable engineering to take cost, yield, and reliability into account when making design decisions.

Analyze Early and Often

Pre and Post layout analysis engines allow you to prevent failures early when the cost of change is lowest.

Test What-if Scenarios

Virtually prototype multiple scenarios during design to find the optimal solution for your product.

Multi-Tier Analysis

Analysis options are available for all levels of expertise (no PhD required).

Native PCB Integration

Use simulation results to drive design intent and test scenarios without leaving your PCB design environment.

Sirius XM Uses Sigrity to Meet DDRx Design-In Challenge

Learn how Sirius XM was able to quickly add Sigrity SI analysis to their design flow to ensure first pass success for their new product.

Ensure Reliability Upfront

See how Tata Motors used PSpice to identify potential ECU issues early to avoid late stage design changes and costly ECOs.


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