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AEi Systems presents The AEi Power IC Model Library for PSpice. The library now incorporates over 1,200 high fidelity and correlated PSpice models for power electronic design and simulation. The Power IC Model Library for PSpice includes:

  • PSpice Model Libraries (.lib files)
  • Useful application circuit example schematics (opj)
  • Full Symbol sets for both Microsim Schematics and OrCAD Capture (olb, slb files)
  • OrCAD Capture and Microsim Schematics Support

The Power IC Model Library for PSpice, created by AEi Systems, includes model netlists in PSpice syntax, schematic symbols for both MicroSim Schematics and OrCAD Capture, and an expanding set of example application circuits for many of the IC models. New examples include switch boost converters for LCD and white LED applications, high-voltage hot swap controllers, and current-mode notebook power controllers.

The product is compatible with PSpice version 17.x, 16.x, 15.9, and Microsim Schematics, as well as the latest OrCAD Capture version 17.x/16.x.

Product Description

The AEi Power IC Model Library for PSpice includes models for:

  • Phase shift, Voltage and current mode PWM controllers, Switching regulators, Motor controllers, Power factor correction, and Power MOSFET drivers
  • Popular parts: RH and ISL Opamps and references, UCC3895, xx117, UC384x, UC152x, UCC380x, LT124x, UC182x, UC1846, TL431, IR2110, UC1854
  • Linear ICs: AD813x Differential Amps, AD8333 Phase Shifter, AD8331 VGA, ADx36/x37 DC-RMS Converter
  • Nonlinear Magnetic Cores, Transformers, Opto-Couplers, MOVs
  • TI, Intersil, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology, International Rectifier, Micrel, Vishay and more
  • Automotive EMC Transient Signal Generators (FMC1278/ISO 7637-2/ISO 76750-2)
  • Spark Gap, Fluorescent Tube and Dead Time Controllable FET Driver Models
  • Ford EMC transient sources (CI 210, 220, 221, 222, 230, 231, 250, 260 and 280)


    • Diodes, FETs, Capacitors
    • References and Linear Regulators (RH117/RH137, RH1009/RH1021, ISL75051, LM4050)
    • Opamps and Comparators (RH1014, RH1498)
    • SIC Diodes
    • Ferrite Beads
    • LISNs

For More Information
More details are available at including a list of the components and documentation detailing the models’ accuracy and performance.
Additional information can also be found on the AEi Power IC Model library page of the EMA website.


  • OrCAD Capture/PSpice version 15.9 or greater
  • Microsim Schematics/PSpice version 8.x


  • For a complete list of included models, download the AEi Power Library List 4.4 here.
  • Download the AEi Power IC Model Manual 4.4 here.

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