CIS Quick Start


The CIS Quick Start App is the fast and easy way to set up your OrCAD Capture CIS database. Set up your CIS database with the CIS Quick Start App to enable more efficient management of your component information and increase your overall OrCAD workflow efficiency.

Product Description

The CIS Quick Start App is the fast and easy way to set up your OrCAD® Capture CIS database.

A shared searchable component database has numerous advantages, however the time, effort, and expertise required to set up these systems tends to be a deterrent for many design teams.  The CIS Quick Start App allows OrCAD Capture CIS customers to quickly and easily leverage the full power of their software investment with an automated way to implement a component information database.

This App Includes:

      • Microsoft Access Database Populated with CIS Parametric Data
      • Predefined database schema based on the best practices from 100’s of CIS implementations
      • Associated Component Data
      • 1000 device starter library
      • OrCAD Capture Schematic Symbols
      • PCB Editor Footprints
      • Predefined Capture INI and Database configuration files
      • Automated ODBC connection creation utility

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