DDR Signal Integrity Metrics Check Workshop


Signal quality is essential to design success when implementing high-speed devices, such as DDR. Learn how to verify signal quality for DDR devices by analyzing effects from crosstalk and reflection.

Product Description

The SRC – SI Metrics Check Workflow in Sigrity can be used to evaluate signal performance and improve signal integrity for DDR devices by analyzing crosstalk and reflection. If crosstalk and reflection are present on DDR signals, the functionality of the DDR device may be compromised.

Software Requirements: Sigrity SI
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Sigrity
Duration: 2 hours
This workshop will walk you through the steps necessary to analyze reflection and crosstalk for DDR signals in your PCB design. In this workshop, you will learn how to:
·       Load a layout file
·       Setup net groups
·       Merge net groups
·       Configure simulation settings
·       Run a reflection simulation
·       Analyze graphical transmitter and receiver reflection results
·       Run a crosstalk simulation
·       Analyze graphical transmitter, receiver, FEXT, and NEXT crosstalk results
·       Generate an SI Metrics Check Report
·       Create an HTML report
Get a brief overview of the topics covered in this workshop on our blog.

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