EDAisWare CoolEditBox


The EDAisWare CoolEditBox app adds advanced editing features to OrCAD Capture that reduce drawing time and avoid tiresome manual work.

Product Description

The EDAisWare CoolEditBox app provides a virtual toolkit of productivity enhancing commands to OrCAD® Capture.

List of Included Commands:

  • Add Nets to Hblock: Automatically connects nets with alias
  • Add Nets with Alias: Automatically connects net with alias to Hierarchical Port and Off Page Connectors
  • HPort From: Automatically connects Hierarchical Port to schematic net
  • Bus From: Automatic Bus creation
  • Off Page From: Automatically Connects Off Page Connector to schematic net
  • Replace HPort From: Replaces an existing input port to output and vice versa
  • Replace Off Page From: Replaces an existing input Off Page Connector to output and vice vera
  • Toggle IO: Run on Hierarchical block and converts input pin to output and vice versa

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