nsWare ShapeUtils


The nsWare ShapeUtils app simplifies and speeds the process of shape creation and editing in OrCAD PCB Editor.

Product Description

The nsWare ShapeUtils app provides extra tools for creating and editing shapes in OrCAD® PCB editor. It contains 3 main utilities that increase user efficiency.

  1. “Force update all shapes” will force an update of all shapes. A user can experience that the shapes are reported as being up-to-date while this is not the case. This function will make sure that all shapes are updated.
  2. “Delete all voids” will either delete all voids (manual and autovoids) or just autovoids. This can save a substantial amount of design time. Instead of having to delete autovoids for each shape, it can be done for all shapes in one process.
  3. “Disable all shapes” disables all shapes and shows them as being disabled immediately.

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