Planar Transformer Generator


The nsWare Planar Transformer Generator dramatically decreases the time it takes to create planar transformers in OrCAD® PCB Editor.

Product Description

Generating complex shapes like Planar Transformers can be an error prone and time consuming process.  The nsWare Planar Transformer Generator app provides an easy to use wizard methodology to automatically generate these complex shapes based on user defined parameters.

The generator supports 3 types of planar transformers: spiral, turn and shape based. Specify parameters and observe the result in seconds. Graphical representations makes the settings easy to understand.

This program generates planar transformers determined by the settings inside the dialog. Simply press Run to execute the program and it will generate the planar transformer on the selected layer within OrCAD® PCB Editor. The dialog will remain open until Close is pressed. The board file remembers the last settings used for the planar transformer program.

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