OrCAD Schematic and PCB
Front-to-Back Flow


This class is a comprehensive course aimed at helping students learn an efficient, front-to-back schematic and PCB workflow. This package includes Capture Essentials and PCB Editor Essentials training. 

Includes an OrCAD Certification Opportunity.

Options and Cost:

Classroom: $2,395; (3-day course: 11am - 5pm**)

What You Will Learn

  • How to build new parts and symbols
  • Design-checking best practices
  • Techniques for assigning reference designators
  • Creating a BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Adding part and net properties
  • Creating flat designs
  • Construct design libraries
  • Import logic design data
  • Define design rules
  • Interactive placement features
  • Pin swapping
  • Route interactively
  • Run automatic glossing
  • Create copper areas
  • Generate manufacturing output and documentation


Location Date Type Status Register
Feb 11, 2020 Live Online Open
Apr 14, 2020 Live Online Open
Las Vegas, NV May 12, 2020 Classroom Open
Jun 16, 2020 Live Online Open
San Jose, CA Jul 14, 2020 Classroom Open
Aug 11, 2020 Live Online Open
Albuquerque, NM Sep 15, 2020 Classroom Open
Oct 13, 2020 Live Online Open
Westford, MA Nov 10, 2020 Classroom Open
Dec 8, 2020 Live Online Open


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OrCAD Certification Included

Users who sign up for this class are able to take the OrCAD certification test.  Certifications are designed to help students demonstrate their mastery of OrCAD products.

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