Allegro AMS Simulator

Fast and Accurate Simulations of Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs.

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Advanced simulation capabilities for analog/mixed-signal development.



Powerful Simulations

Integrated analog and event-driven digital simulations improve speed without loss of accuracy—saving time and money.

Advanced Simulations Capabilities

Create virtual prototypes of designs and maximize circuit performance automatically with our sensitivity analysis, optimation, stress analysis (Smoke), and yield analysis (Monte Carlo) capabilities.

Behavior Modelling

Allows designers to leverage a full set of mathematical operators, nonlinear functions, and filters.

Extensive Model Support

Includes a library of more than 30,000 analog and mixed-signal models of devices made in North America, Japan, and Europe.


A powerful and easy-to-use tool which helps designers to organize, visualize, and utilize their simulation data.



Full Mixed-Signal Analysis

Integrated C/C++ and SPICE simulation engines enable you to fully model mixed signal electronic devices at any level of abstraction.

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PCB Virtual Prototyping with PSpice

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Reliability, Yield, and Cost

Allegro AMS Simulator allows you to go beyond standard waveform results to optimize and qualify your design for cost, yield, and reliability.

First Pass Success

See how Tata Motors used PSpice to identify potential ECU issues early to avoid late stage design changes and costly ECOs.

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