What is Multi-Sourcing?

There may be nothing worse than finishing a design, getting it fully tested and ready for release only to find out some of the parts used cannot be ordered, leaving you scrambling to find suitable replacement parts to get the design into production. This all-too common issue can be prevented by identifying and specifying multiple sources for parts upfront, giving you assurance the parts you have chosen can be ordered in a timeline and quantity that will be needed during production.


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Multi-Sourcing with OrCAD CIP

CIP makes it easy to identify and specify multiple sources for your parts upfront. For any part number in CIP you can associate multiple manufacturer and distributor part numbers to define secondary sources with just a few clicks. These sources are then linked together and can be referenced in future bill of materials as need. With supply chain delays and issues a real and persistent problem, OrCAD CIP makes it easy to future proof your designs and ensure manufacturing can continue uninterrupted.

  • Easily find alternate sources in CIP
  • Quickly associate alternates to your parts with a just a few clicks
  • Track and leverage alternate data in your designs easily

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