Where Used

What is Where Used?

The only constant in engineering often seems to be change. Keeping track of that change and managing the impacts can often be a significant challenge. A key mechanism to help designers do this reliably is to implement “where used” tracking in their design flow. This allows design engineers to quickly identify and assess the impact of change across multiple designs and design variants. Without this identifying design changes and updates often becomes a manual error pone process.


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Utilizing the Where Used Feature in OrCAD CIP

CIP makes it easy and effective to track component usage in your projects and identify “where used” when needed. Engineers simply need to import their bill of materials (BOM) into CIP and the system will track the parts used in each BOM going forward automatically. This makes it easy to find and assess the impact of part changes due to availability, compliance and other factors. OrCAD CIP makes where used a natural part of your design process with:

  • Easy BOM upload right inside the CAD tool
  • Automated component tracking
  • Quick and easy reporting to identify where used impacts

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