New Part Introduction (NPI)

What is New Part Introduction?

New Part Introduction (NPI) is the processes of adding new previously unused parts to your design. This can be a very common occurrence especially when working on a new design or design variant. New parts often need to be vetted and qualified by multiple teams to ensure the parts can be ordered, meet the regulatory requirements for the project at hand, and have an accurate symbol and footprint. Without dedicated features to manage this process, new part introduction can be very labor intensive and significantly slow down the product development process as designers wait for reviews and approvals.


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New Part Introduction in OrCAD CIP

CIP provides a fully configurable new part introduction flow directly into your PCB design environment. With CIP you can quickly identify if a new part is needed, select from available options leveraging up-to-date parametric and supply chain info, and then kick off a process to instantiate the new selected part into your library. This can all be done in a few clicks and leverages the temporary part feature in OrCAD CIS. Temporary parts bring this new component into your design quickly while allowing any specific approval processes to take place in the background so you can continue to design as the part is formally promoted into your library. New part approval flows can be configured in CIP to enable specific users to approve or reject new part requests and will automatically generate notifications to affected users. Adding a new part to your design is a common occurrence which can create significant work and management on the engineer if not handled properly. The NPI features in OrCAD CIP make this process smooth and efficient, helping you source the parts you need while making sure they will be orderable and approved when you need them.

  • Easily search and find info on millions of parts with live distributor and supply chain data
  • Quickly associate and generate CAD models to the parts
  • Add parts through a managed configurable process to ensure all stakeholders are in the loop up front 

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