Reduce Board Layout and Placement Time in Allegro From Weeks to Minutes

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Design Smarter, Not Harder

Reduce placement time and avoid errors with logically aware design placement and reuse

Flexible Design Reuse

Easily duplicate layout decisions and apply layouts to other boards independent of net names, reference designators, or layer stack up.



Patented engine allows design teams to easily create functional groups of components based on logical design connectivity.

Connectivity Aware Replication

Quickly replicate groups of circuity on the same board while maintining logical connectivity and design intent.

Reuse Library

Easily build a searchable library of reuse templates available directly inside the Allegro PCB Editor environment.


PDF Cross Probing

Unique ability to cross-probe between Allegro PCB Editor and a PDF Schematic.

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Reduce PCB Layout Time

Learn how CircuitSpace helps to reduce PCB layout time by up to 50%.

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Improve Design Time and Overall Design Quality

Read how CircuitSpace is used at a major OEM to increase productivity and reduce design cycle length by eliminating manual, error-prone tasks.

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