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Design for Fabrication in OrCAD

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When working with different manufacturers, it can be difficult to keep track of the specific minimum tolerances for production. Incorrect values can lead to manufacturing errors such as the creation of slivers and islands, solder bridges, acid traps and more. Depending on the severity, manufacturing can come to a halt, causing lengthy delays in your design process while these issues are resolved or a costly design re-spin is completed. However, by checking for the correct tolerances in your design, you can streamline production. OrCAD helps you do this with the ability to import design constraints. Easily manage the specifications for multiple board houses by importing a saved constraint file. All the constraints for the fabrication house are automatically populated in the constraint manager and DRC markers flag any errors on the board. By importing saved constraint files, you can save time and ensure manufacturing specifications are met; thus, resulting in a reduction of DFM issues and a streamlined manufacturing process. 

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