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Inter Layer DRC with OrCAD

Design Rules can be difficult to manage in Rigid-Flex designs, especially in transition zones due to different rules for flex and rigid areas and layer specific constraints. With increased design complexity, manually checking Rigid-Flex designs can be time consuming and result in an oversight. However, by assigning layer-based constraints, this process can be automated. OrCAD helps you do this with Inter-Layer DRC Checks. OrCAD allows you to set separate rules for both a flex and rigid design. Simply select the subclass layers that will be checked against one another. Assign and define the rule and let OrCAD PCB Designer automatically check the design—any errors are flagged with a DRC marker for your review. Eliminate the need for error-prone, time-consuming, manual checks of your Rigid-Flex Design with OrCAD PCB Designer and manufacture your design with confidence. 

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