Integrated Design Data Management, First-Pass Success

Avoid miscommunication, unnecessary respins, and manufacturing delays due to manual data tracking and storage. Take control of your design data today.

Transform Your Design Process with Well-Managed Data


Leverage IP Effectively

Seamless library and file management allows you to easily manage your IP throughout your company.

Prevent Errors

Prevent Costly Errors

Verify the correct data is going into the design and send that data directly to manufacturing.


Eliminate Preventable Delays

Comprehensive compliance insights eliminate any late-stage surprises so you can be confident your design will be manufactured on time.


Increase Collaboration

Keep every stakeholder on the same page with revision control and cross-functional collaboration abilities.

Design Data Confidence, Not Confusion

According to Aberdeen, best-in-class designers have cut down wasted design time due to data integrity issues by almost half with solid data management processes and tools. Eliminate wasted time, empower your team, and inspire manufacturing confidence in your designs with easily managed and maintained design data in OrCAD.

File and Library Management

Easily manage symbol and footprint libraries, design data, and documentation to create data consistency for your entire team. Design validation and automatic packaging of your manufacturing data ensures the correct revision of your design can be produced the first time.

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Component Data Management

Easily manage your centralized component database, create new parts directly from distributor insights with OrCAD’s comprehensive suite of design data management solutions.information and deliver zero-touch, ready-to-order BOMs with direct access to a common library of approved and available parts.

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Team Collaboration & Co-Design

Eliminate communication mishaps and ensure your team is always on the same page with built-in revision control and change tracking in OrCAD EDM. Be sure data will never be lost or overwritten ever again with customized permissions based on role assignments.

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Integrated Part Information

Easily keep your part data in-sync between the component database and your design. With real-time part information and color coded part status it’s easy to identify obsolete, temporary, and approved parts to make informed part decisions while you design.

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Compliance and Supply Chain Aware

Easily analyze individual designs or your entire component library to source components for availability and reliability with real-time access to supply chain and component data directly in OrCAD.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Ensure data integrity and streamline your component purchasing with seamless access to your company’s engineering-centric data through a bi-directional link between your component database and your company’s PLM, MRP, or ERP system.

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Cross-Functional Collaboration

Easily collaborate and simplify your review process with all project stakeholders, including non-engineering users, with data access via a web client and custom user preferences for read-only access.

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Release to Manufacturing

Streamline the generation of manufacturing data and ensure board success with the automatic generation of all necessary documents for manufacturing, including:

  • IPC-2581
  • ODB++
  • Artwork
  • IPC356
  • Fabmaster
  • Testprep
  • NC Route
  • NC Drill
  • Pick and Place
  • And more.

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See Integrated, Easy PCB Design Data Management for Yourself

Watch our short demo showing how design data management can become a helpful part of your design flow not another task you are forced to do.

Solutions to Suit Your Unique Needs

Component Information System

Complete Integrated Centralized Part Database

Component Information Portal

Component Creation, Verification, and Management

Engineering Data Management

Revision Control, File, and Library Management for Teams

Enterprise Connect

Seamless integration between Design environment and your PLM, MRP or ERP Systems

SE Connect BOM Risk

Real-time compliance, availability, and supply chain information for your design.

CIP Compliance Module

Real-time compliance, availability, and supply chain information for your entire component database.


EMA Design Automation