PSpice DMI Model Creation Workshop: Digital PWM Controller using C++


Product Description

While many SPICE models are provided by manufacturers or simulation software for analog and digital components, model libraries are rarely exhaustive. New components are constantly being developed with increasing diversity. In many cases, simulating these parts will require Device Model Interfaces (DMI). In this DMI Model Creation workshop, you will learn how to use C++ to model a digital PWM Controller for circuit simulation in PSpice.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Software Requirements: OrCAD PSpice Designer Plus, Microsoft Visual Studio

Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of OrCAD PSpice and C++

The DMI Model Creation workshop will teach you:

  • What DMI Modeling is and when it should be used
  • How to Generate template code
  • How to Modify template code and include part-specific code
  • How to add the part in the schematic
  • How to simulate and verify the DMI model

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