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Home2net succeeds with OrCAD PCB Design Tools

Home2net, a German enterprise selling easy-to-use smart cloud solutions for use in the Internet of Things (IoT), aims to have success in the industrial automation, cloud, and smart building markets.  Home2net is covers several application ares such as remote control, remote operation, data logging, administration, remote services, and remote connections to devices via the cloud or an app.


One key issue many companies have is they want to add IoT functionality to their products, but they lack experience with cloud computing, apps, wireless connectivity and other elements that enable the IoT. Home2net’s goal is to optimize the use of traditional products by incorporating smartphone’s display to act as a worldwide remote control. Being able to create a solution such as this one is not an easy task, Home 2 net needed a flexible platform that would support multiple OEM apps, as well as a fast development process. This was a one of the main reasons Home2net decided to use OrCAD technologies. By using Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS and Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer Professional, Home2net can create their hierarchical schematics with ease.


Since Home2net is creating a worldwide remote control they needed an app to work across multiple platforms and with OrCAD Capture CIS, Home2net is able to manage assembly variants for one PCB layout—allowing them to create a program to work on several different devices. To date, Home2net has seen  improvements in both productivity and ROI. As a result of using OrCAD solutions Home2net has achieved a 30% faster development cycle and has reduced costs by 15%.


“The easy-to-use constraint manager in the OrCAD tool helps us manage hierarchical design rules by regions and enables online DRCs as immediate feedback,” said Hans Muhlbauer, CTO of home2net. “This is essential to keep up the hardware development speed with the fast software changes in the loT market.”


View the entire success story here.

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