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PSpice 22.1 Walk-Through

This walk-through will guide you through the process of simulating circuits in PSpice 22.1.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to create a new PSpice project
  • How to place parts on the canvas
  • How to search for parts
  • How to wire and name nets
  • How to perform bias point, DC Sweep, AC Sweep, and Transient simulations
  • How to configure plots
  • How to evaluate measurements
  • How to create and use non-ideal components
  • How to create a Smart PDF
  • How to export waveforms and information
  • How to use Save As and Archive functionality
  • How to use ABMs
  • How to analyze component stress
  • How to create a SPICE model from a text file

Course Summary

The PSpice Walk-through will guide you through the process of simulating a circuit in PSpice. PSpice gives engineers the ability to conduct advanced circuit design, simulation and analysis for analog and mixed-signal circuits. This walk-through is comprised of step-by-step instructions, video demonstrations and quizzes to teach you the basics of using PSpice.

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