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Achieving USB Compliance: Getting it Right the First Time

Meeting the standards for USB compliance is essential to ensure that your product will operate successfully with other USB devices. If adherence to USB standards is not achieved during conformance testing, design modifications or complete redesigns are likely required. The best way to avoid this time-consuming and costly process of identifying problems, modifying the design, and retesting the PCB, is to employ a targeted and effective software simulation solution to analyze USB compliance during the PCB design.

This eBook answers the following questions:

  • What are the requirements for USB compliance testing?
  • What is the difference in compliance requirements for USB Superspeed and USB Superspeed Plus?
  • What are the key metrics that can be tested during PCB layout design to gauge your board’s ability to operate successfully with other USB devices? 
  • How can you measure and compare your PCB simulation results against USB compliance standards?
  • How to use signal integrity simulation software to verify your design’s performance and ensure that you will achieve first-pass success for your USB compliance testing?

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