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Assembly Data and Documentation: Process Overview, Part 1

Although machinery builds electronic circuit boards, the manufacturing process is driven by data. In fact, the efficiency of your board bill–or even if your design can be built at all–depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the PCB assembly documentation provided to your contract manufacturer (CM). At every step of design, important data and/or imagery is created that conveys the specifications and intent, which enables your CM to generate the physical embodiment that will achieve your design objectives. The effectiveness in reaching this goal depends upon the capitalization of software tools for data generation that incorporates the essential assembly data documentation elements into your design package. 

This eBook answers the following questions:

  • What are the items that must be included in a good assembly data package? 
  • Why the schematic, Bill of Materials (BOM) and assembly drawing are critical for the manufacturing of your board.
  • What are the key elements of an effective assembly drawing?
  • What is the difference between V-scoring, tab-routing, and punching depanelization?
  • Why understanding depanelization methods is important, and how to incorporate this knowledge into your assembly data documentation.

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