EMA Design Automation to Spin-Off IP & Services Group to Enable Digital Transformation for the Entire CAD Industry

EMA to create Accelerated Designs, a services and IP company to provide multi-CAD support & expertise worldwide.

Rochester, NY (December 4, 2023) – EMA Design Automation® (www.ema-eda.com), the world’s premier EDA VAR, is spinning off their IP, content, and services group as a new company named Accelerated Designs, LLC with a focus on CAD agnostic solutions. Accelerated Designs will expand on the extensive design and methodology expertise EMA has gained implementing fully integrated CAD environments for customers globally

Accelerated Designs will provide design automation, system integration, and content services to the full ECAD and MCAD community, with a focus on CAD agnostic solutions that drive methodology, time-to-market, and efficiency improvements at all phases of design. The already CAD agnostic Ultra Librarian® brand will also become part of the Accelerated Designs portfolio.

“We are very excited to announce this new venture as it represents the culmination of the combined efforts of our highly dedicated team over many years,” said Manny Marcano, President and CEO of EMA Design Automation. “As we look to continue growing our IP and services business to support customers’ multi-CAD environments, we see this as the best path to ensure we can fully serve the entire EDA community.”

As companies look to improve efficiency, leverage digital twins, and reduce overall schedule risk it is imperative that the methodologies and data used can be connected and leveraged at all phases. Accelerated Designs will help companies streamline their processes, reduce manual effort, and connect their data, all while allowing them to surface real-time information in context for optimal decision-making.

As part of the spin-off, EMA will enter into a distribution agreement with Accelerated Designs to enable EMA and their global partner network to continue providing these valuable IP and engineering services directly to customers.

Accelerated Designs will be launching soon. For more information, please contact us at adinfo@accelerated-designs.com.

About EMA Design Automation
EMA Design Automation is a trailblazer in product development solutions offering a complete range of EDA tools, PLM integrations, services, training, and technical support.  EMA is a Cadence® Channel Partner serving the Americas, UK, India, and Europe.  EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York.  Visit EMA at www.ema-eda.com for more information.

About Accelerated Designs LLC
Accelerated Designs LLC is a global software, services, content, and IP company focused on providing digital transformation solutions for the electronics industry. Our deep domain expertise and long history of successful customer deployments make Accelerated Designs the perfect partner for organizations looking to improve their processes, connect their data, and drive time-to-market and cost improvements within their engineering organizations. Visit Accelerated Designs at www.accelerated-designs.com for more information.

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