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Validation with OrCAD EDM

Streamline manufacturing and verify file accuracy with auto-generated DRC and Validation reports in OrCAD Engineering Data Management.
Duration: 00:01:11

With time-to-market vital in every design, sometimes final checks of your PCB design are forgotten or ignored. This can lead to mismatched component symbols and footprints or missed DRC errors in addition to the extra time and money spent on design re-spins. To eradicate these issues, OrCAD Engineering Data Management now provides automatic reporting of any DRC’s during the check-in of your PCB board file by simply checking two boxes:

  • Run DB Doctor
    • Auto-generates log files containing the results of the design rule check for you board
  • Perform EDM Validation
    • Compares the footprint version placed on your board to the corresponding footprint in the promoted library

Find and resolve any errors during check-in to verify your design before creating the manufacturing package and sending your board to production with OrCAD EDM.

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