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That’s why our vast library of resources is dedicated to make learning easy, with common PCB topics broken down into manageable segments for you to study. Then you’ll be on the path to design success in no time.

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You know how you learn best. This is why our resource library is full of different content mediums for your perusal. Select the learning style to view content that best suits your needs. 

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We get itPCB design is an incredibly complex field. So, we broke it down into a handful of common topics to get you started. Select a topic to learn more.

Design for Manufacturing

From layout to manufacture and testing, a single holdup can negatively impact a business. Therefore, designing for manufacture is crucial. Here are some items to get you started: Want to see more DFM material? Visit our Resource Library.

High-speed Design

The more complex a PCB design, the higher the chances of running into high-speed design issues that can quickly derail a project. These items examine the root causes of common issues and how to prevent them: Want to see more high-speed material? Visit our Resource Library.

Rigid Flex

Flex PCB design has many advantages, but with these come new design challenges not in “standard” 2D PCBs. With flex design becoming ever-popular in the industry, it is important to know the common pitfalls you may face. Get started on some flex basics with these items: Want to see more flex design material? Visit our Resource Library.

Data Management

Obsolete parts, RoHS / REACH compliance issues, inadequate stock; every engineer has encounted these problems. Often, they are found late in the project life cycle, and cause major time delays in the end-product’s release. These items examine the common causes of BOM rejection and other data management issues: Want to see more data management material? Visit our Resource Library.

Signal Integrity

In a project, many complex tests must be passed to achieve PCI-e compliance. These items will get you started on compliance categories, necessary measurements, and tips / tricks to ensure signal integrity success: Want more signal integrity material? Visit our Resource Library.

Power Integrity

In an increasingly technical world, product trends demand reduced form factor and more power. Having knowledge of how your circuit works is just as important as understanding the context in which it is used. These items examine how to ensure your power integrity analysis is up to the task: Want more power integrity material? Visit our Resource Library.

Layout & Routing

The layout and routing of your PCB design is critical to ensuring the board runs smoothly. This process can be incredibly complex, and respins are all too often required. These items can help you catch some of the more common issues in constraints, routing, and layout before they happen: Want more layout and routing material? Visit our Resource Library.(ink is external)

Need to Learn PCB Design Basics? Read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to PCB Design

PCB 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Upgrade your PCB knowledge and launch your career to new heights with this exclusive ebook. Forget the school of hard-knocks and learn all the things industry experts wish they knew when starting out. With over 100 pages of front-to-back PCB design process content including checklists, pro-tips, and detailed illustrations, you’ll gain decades of wisdom in a fraction of the time. You Will Learn: 
  • How to create a robust & manufacturable PCB layout beyond routing the rats.
  • Who your project stakeholders are & why their involvement is essential for design success
  • Why it’s important to incorporate DFX (Design for Excellence) and the many topics it covers
  • Design best practices you need to know and more!

Whiteboard Wednesdays

New to the PCB design process? Our Whiteboard Wednesday series is here to give you a basic overview of common PCB design topics. Select a video for a quick walk-through of several popular topics.

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