Ultra Librarian Integration

What is Ultra Librarian?

Ultra Librarian is the worlds largest online CAD library with over 16 million CAD models available for download in over 20 different CAD formats for free. These CAD models are fully verified and ready to use in designs. Leveraging Ultra Librarian saves engineers hours of work per CAD model they download, giving them back time to focus on design.


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Using Ultra Librarian with OrCAD CIP

OrCAD CIP makes leveraging the benefits of Ultra Librarian even easier with a direct integration. This integration allows engineers to easily associate Ultra Librarian CAD models with their library data in CIP by automatically downloading the CAD models and entering them into the shared CIP database. The Ultra Librarian integration in OrCAD CIP enables you to:

  • Automatically source Ultra Librarian CAD models from inside OrCAD
  • Connect those models to your library parts and parametric data
  • Share those CAD models with other users of your library

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