Zero Touch BOM

What is a Zero Touch BOM?

Your bill of materials (BOM) is a key part of your design outputs as this defines the list of parts to be ordered once your design goes into production. Ensuring your bill of materials is accurate and contains all the necessary information for your design to sail through production can be quite a challenge when done manually. Manual modifications to a BOM often requires lots of editing which can be prone to human error. The goal of a zero-touch BOM is to eliminate any manual effort and ensure the BOM generated by your design software is fully compliant and ready to order without adjustment.


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Zero Touch BOM with OrCAD CIP

CIP makes it easy to collect and source the information needed to generate zero touch BOMs by providing key data points such as manufacturer and distributor part numbers as well as compliance data. With OrCAD CIP, you can automatically source the data your procurement and supply chain teams need to make purchases as they prepare for production. Make BOM generation a no-touch process with OrCAD CIP.

  • Automatically source key information such as manufacturer and distributor part number
  • Display and identify key compliance information needed by supply chain such as RoHS and REACH compliance
  • Use pre-defined BOM templates for automatic, push button generation

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