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Compology Uses OrCAD to Take the Waste Out of Garbage Collection

Startup Compology is revolutionizing the way garbage is collected. They have created a sensor that attaches to standard industrial garbage containers and can detect the fullness of the container. On top of that they have created a full SaaS software stack to interpret all the data from these sensors and provide their customers with optimal garbage route collection guidance which saves money by reducing pickups when containers are not yet at capacity (as well as alert drivers to full containers so they don’t sit too long before being picked up).

This is a very interesting case of applying new “hi tech” capabilities and techniques to an industry that is very rooted in a “low tech” environment. The system Compology has created is so obvious (the brilliant ideas are always so obvious after someone else thinks of them..) in its need and value it is no surprise they are seeing great success. The fuel costs alone on a fleet of garbage trucks has to be astronomical.

EMA was lucky enough to learn about Compology pretty early in their story as they were in need of a PCB CAD tool that could help them take their pre-production concept to a full production product that they could bring to market and sell. Naturally they selected OrCAD.

Quote from Compology Co-founder Ben Chehebar:

“Our design team at Compology considers OrCAD as the industry standard and we wanted to step up from our free PCB software to a robust, professional PCB design package.”

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