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Featured Article: Software Success Was a Leap of Faith

In celebration of our 30-year anniversary, Printed Circuit Design & Fab sat down with our CEO, Manny Marcano, to talk about the journey of 30 years in the business.

An excerpt from the article:

“Before Manny Marcano came to ECAD software sales, he jumped out of airplanes as a paratrooper in the US Air Force. Taking risks, it seems, is in his blood.

So, after selling tools for others in upstate New York in the mid-1980s – by his own account, he was a “lousy subordinate” – Marcano took the plunge. He cut a deal in 1989 to concentrate solely as a reseller of P-CAD and started EM Associates in his basement. As he recalls, “I pretty much was a one-man band. I got my family to stuff envelopes on the dining room table, and we did marketing things, but it was just old school, bootstrapping a business the hard way. There was no funding. I took a second mortgage on the house to fund the business. It’s a calculated risk that worked out.’”


To read the article in full, visit Printed Circuit Design & Fab.

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