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Gadget of the Month: Knocki

May’s Gadget of the Month is Knocki, a smart device that transforms ordinary surfaces—walls, tables, doors, etc.—into an easy-to-access remote.



With Knocki attached to a surface, the entire surface can transform into a touch interface. Using it is super easy, just tap a simple gesture(s) anywhere on a Knocki-enabled surface to automate a variety of different actions.


If you put Knocki underneath a table, you can double tap to turn on your radio, dim living room lights or lower living room blinds, find your lost phone, change the temperature, and more. With more than one set up, you have the ability to turn your home into your very own smart house, creating an easy system for you and your family.


Knocki works anywhere with a WiFi internet connection, and you can put Knocki on, under, or behind any surface. Setup is easy, just start by connecting to your wifi network and use the free companion app to link all your devices and accounts. After Knocki is mounted to a surface, define the unique features for you to trigger your actions and you’re all set— it will keep working via wifi, even if your phone is turned off or away.


Knocki can reliably identify simple gestures defined by taps or knocks on any surface. Gestures can be defined by two, three, four, or more taps—or even by more intricate patterns for more secure functions. One Knocki can store up to 10 unique gestures, turning any surface into a multi-functional remote. A gesture can trigger a single action, or set of actions such as if you were leaving your house for the weekend. You could do your tap or knock variations to turn the lights off, set the house alarm and lock the door.


Knocki is not only great for your family and friends, it is also great for those who are visually or physically impaired, as well as kids and the elderly. It is accessibility friendly, being able to help improve everyday activities such as visually locating a light switch or physically being able to lock a door.


Currently, Knocki will be delivering all Kickstarter and IndieGoGo rewards through the end of June. Want to purchase your very own Knocki and learn more of what it can do? Visit Indiegogo’s website to learn more.

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