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Gadget of the Month: MATRIX PowerWatch

For those of you who are new, Our Gadget of the Month series celebrates the recent collaboration between Arrow and Cadence as well as Arrow’s collaboration with Indiegogo. The series highlights up-and-coming startups and small tech companies within the Indiegogo site. This month, we are pleased to feature the MATRIX PowerWatch—the first smartwatch that’s powered directly from your body heat.  It can measure your calories burned, activity level, and how much electrical power your body is generating.


When it’s time to take the watch off, it simply goes to sleep and saves all the data from that day in its memory. Sharing your success and progress with your friends and family has never been easier with the MATRIX PowerWatch. The watch easily synchronizes with the MATRIX IOS and Android apps, which show you your all-time records and weekly trends.


Currently, MATRIX PowerWatch is in the Engineering verification testing build (EVT) and will soon be diving into the Design verification testing- first build (DVT1). By September 2017, they will begin to mass produce, and then be available to public retailers by October.


Want to purchase your Matrix PowerWatch today? Visit Indiegogo’s website to learn more.

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