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Get the OrCAD Advantage: Interactive Routing


Routing is currently one of the most time-consuming and complex tasks in the PCB design process. Engineers need their design tools to work with them and help them implement their desired design intent while still ensuring manufacturability. OrCAD interactive routing capabilities provide engineers the advantage they need to complete routing within their tight project schedules with intelligent, guided automation.  
Interactive Routing with OrCAD 


Interactive routing with OrCAD is designed to maximize routing efficiency and flexibility in an intuitive way, including following cursor path for laying route sections, single-click routing completion, pushing or walking around obstacles, and automatically following existing connections, all in accordance with applicable design rules. The interactive routing capabilities help designers navigate congested areas by either pushing obstacles or following contours while dynamically jumping over obstacles such as vias or component pins. Other advanced options of the OrCAD tool include interactive modes such as shove-preferred, hug-preferred, or hug-only allowing the user to slide their cursor along desired routing lines, push or reroute around components, or complete the route in one click.


Automated trace width adjustments based on impedance are also key capabilities enabling controlled automation while maximizing routing productivity. OrCAD also provides a comprehensive set of tuning functions for matched signals with specific timing or phase requirements.


OrCAD Delay Tuning Function Video 


With interactive routing features, designers will be able to track changes live while routing in order to determine the best routing framework for their designs.  

These capabilities are available as part of the PCB Designer Suite to learn more visit our OrCAD PCB Designer Suites page. Already an OrCAD user? EMA offers OrCAD PCB Editor Training classes available online to learn more about the functions within your software.  



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