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Get the OrCAD Advantage: Superior Performance

You are charged with designing state of the art electronics, the next big thing in technology, and the last thing you want is to restrain or compromise your design due to poor software performance. When designing advanced products you require cutting edge software to get the job done fast and accurately.


OrCAD and Cadence PCB technologies have been architected from the ground up to handle the largest and most complex designs engineers can throw at them. As technology increases and becomes more complex, it is imperative your software has the capacity and performance required to get your projects done on time and on a budget. While your designs may not be at that level now, shouldn’t you have a tool you know can handle that level of performance as your needs grow?


As part of the initiative to leverage the latest software technologies and increase overall productivity, OrCAD has focused on enhancing several performance capabilities:


64 Bit Architecture  

Current software is nearing the limit of what can be realistically achieved using a 32-bit architecture. The industry is now in a transition period between 32-bit and 64-bit computing. This migration will result in higher performance in terms of both speed and efficiency. Now is the time to take full advantage of computing resources with the modern 64bit architecture in OrCAD products.


Unlimited Design Size 
OrCAD is actively leveraging the latest in computing technology allowing their users to get the most out of their software. As part of the 64 bit architecture, OrCAD software also has a working memory max of 18 quintillions or 1.8×1019. This means when you are working in OrCAD there are no practical limits and therefore no design is too expansive for OrCAD to handle.


Multi-threading Capabilities 

In order to accomplish high-speed performance, OrCAD has modernized its software to enable multi-threading capabilities. Multi-threading allows a single core in a multi-core processor to execute multiple processes or threads concurrently. This method of processing allows for other threads to take advantage of unused computing resources ultimately leading to a faster overall execution of these resources. As a result tasks like auto routing, DRC, simulation, constraint checking, and real-time dynamics shapes have been multithreaded to maximize performance.


Don’t just take our word for it – OrCAD provides several different tiered levels for you to try, providing all of the performance and capacity enhancements mentioned above. Don’t need all the features? OrCAD Lite is a free version of the OrCAD software offering you the perfect opportunity to try it out yourself. Download it for free and get started today.



Don’t just settle for subpar software performance, get the OrCAD advantage today.


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