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OrCAD Capture Now Provides Export Capability for Intel Schematic Connectivity Format (ISCF)

Last week, Cadence announced OrCAD® Capture now provides export capability for Intel Schematic Connectivity Format (ISCF), targeted at automating Intel-based design reviews. ISCF was developed by Intel to streamline the collaboration process with its customers. Intel Schematic Compatibility Format (ISCF) provides a simple, clean schematic data exchange between design vendors and Intel Schematic Checking team for the schematic review process.


Intel worked with Cadence to develop a direct ISCF generation capability in OrCAD Capture to make this collaboration process simpler and more efficient. Customers requiring a review with Intel’s Customer Solutions Team in its Sales and Marketing Group (SMG) can now exchange design data in an Intel-approved format, optimizing the design review process.


“We review many schematics in OrCAD Capture/CIS format,” said Rui Wang, vice president and general manager of the Technical Enablement Group in Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group. “We expect this export capability from Cadence tools will significantly improve our efficiency and our customers’ time to market.”

By enabling the user to directly export hierarchical schematic designs in ISCF, OrCAD Capture helps eliminate the traditional method, which required Intel engineers to manually migrate the schematics. Customers can benefit from having their designs reviewed against specific guidelines, early in the design cycle. They can then address issues sooner in the process, improving time to market.


“This collaboration between Intel and Cadence shows the strong presence OrCAD capture has in the market,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA Design Automation. “Providing the ability for customers to perform automated design reviews with Intel is just another example of how OrCAD is helping customers get their products to market faster and with less risk.”

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