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OrCAD Sigrity ERC Update


OrCAD has recently updated the Sigrity Electrical Rules Checking (ERC) function. OrCAD Sigrity ERC is for electrical verification for OrCAD PCB designs. Other components include a layout editor for floor planning, editing, and constraint management. The ERC module can be launched directly from within the layout editor. This function can help you find electrical issues early in the design stage and improve overall design cycle efficiency.


Benefits of using Sigrity ERC are:


  • Trace reference
  • Trace reference-aware impedance
  • Trace reference-aware coupling
  • Differential pair routing phase
  • Number of vias, their locations, net level RLC
  • Easy to useOrganized for easy SI performance interpretation
  • Practical for board level check (setup, simulation, HTML report)


For more information, check out this video on the Sigrity ERC update. This video will help guide you step by step on how to utilize this unique feature.



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