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Service Bureau Highlight: 7Core

A service bureau is a company that provides business services to companies without the internal resources available to handle certain projects. The service bureaus listed on the EMA Design Automation website specialize in the OrCAD and Allegro PCB services including design, testing, manufacturing, and more. These service bureaus maintain a high level of expertise in specific fields, allowing you to feel comfortable outsourcing your PCB work to them.


For complete PCB design services and manufacturing solutions, 7Core is an excellent choice. With a mission to “provide exceptional PCB design service to the electronics industry,” they strive to “become your first choice for quality, speed, and affordability”. 7Core is ready to rise to any electronic challenge presented no matter the size. They provide each customer with a unique, comprehensive list of deliverables, a full host of capabilities and a proven process to get your ideas from design to manufacturing as efficiently as possible.


7Core uses state of the art software to create your PC boards including Allegro and OrCAD Capture. Deliverables include gerber data, drill/tooling data, fabrication drawing, position reports, Allegro database, OrCAD Schematic Database, BOM report, assembly drawing, and other custom deliverables per customer request. For CAM checks 7Core utilizes Downstream CAM350 and provides the option of quality checking services to customers who prefer to design their own layouts as well.


With extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing process, 7Core provides a comprehensive manufacturing solution to all customers on an individual basis. Manufacturing assistance includes material selection, stack-up and controlled impedance models, current carrying capacities, finishes as well as a host of high speed digital and mixed signal design issues.


7Core is a full-service PCB design and manufacturing solution offering expertise and meticulous attention to detail on every project big or small. For more information on 7Core visit their website at http://7core.biz/.


For a complete listing of all OrCAD and Allegro PCB service bureaus visit our Service Bureaus page. Would you like to have your service bureau listed here? Contact us and we’ll get started!

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