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Veterans Day Spotlight: David Lane


In this Veteran Spotlight, we have David Lane, who has worked here at EMA for over eight years. David is a teleBusiness Representative, who calls all warm leads. This includes those who download our demo software, signup for our web demos, and then qualifies them for all the Account Managers in the office. During his time in the military, he served as a Seargent in the Air Force from 1976-1980.


1. Is the work you do here related to the work you did in the military?


No, I was a crash rescue firefighter in the Air Force.


2. Where did you serve?


I served in England and Virginia.


3. Why did you pick the service branch you joined?


I picked the Air Force for my love of airplanes and desire to be a firefighter.


4. What was your job/assignment?


My job in the Air Force was spent as a Crash/Rescue E-5 Staff Seargent. I worked on the Flightline answering any fire calls or in-flight emergencies for the aircraft.


5. Tell me about a couple of your most memorable experiences.


I was on duty in England when we had an in-flight emergency on a jet fighter, the pilot lost half of a wing and was able to get the plane back to base without crashing. We were able to help him get out of plane unharmed.


6. Were you awarded any medals or citations? If yes, how did you earn them?


I was awarded the Air Force Longevity medal, Airforce Good Conduct medal, and Airforce Commendation medal with first oak leaf cluster.


7. How did your service and experiences affect your life and career?


Allowed me to go to college using the GI Bill. Helped me focus on life after the military and more or less grounded me. Gave me a new respect for our country after living in a foreign country for two years.


8. What types of technologies did you use during active duty?


Mainly high-end crash rescue fire trucks. Technology back then was not anything near what it is today.


9. Is there anything you would like to add that we have not covered?


You covered quite a bit here. The only thing I would like to add is, I will always be proud of the people that served with me and  those people who serve today. The only people that know how much you have to give up to be in the military are those people that have actually served.


We would like to thank David, our veteran, and all of the men and women currently serving our country. Thank you for fighting and upholding our rights each and every day. 

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