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Constraint Designer EE: Overview

Learn how Constraint Designer EE can help you define and embed complex constraints quickly during the schematic design.
Duration: 00:02:10

Constraint Designer EE allows you to easily define, communicate and manage design intent by assigning constraints at the schematic level and embedding them into the design database with:

  • An easy to use hierarchical spread sheet
  • Definition and assignment of Electrical Constraint Sets
  • Differential pairs physical and electrical constraints
  • A differential pair viewer to visualize constraints
  • Definition of spacing and physical constraints
  • Specialty designers to assist with Pin Pairs, Pin Delays, and DDRs
  • Cross-probe functionality between Constraint Designer EE and the schematic
  • Embedded constraints for efficient communication to the PCB

Constraint Designer EE makes your design constraints an inherent part of your process. Avoid errors, reduce confusion, and complete designs faster with the OrCAD constraint driven design flow.

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