Distributor Integration

What is Distributor Integration?

Most of the components used on PCBs are ordered through distributors. Apart from being an excellent source for the physical components your design needs, distributors are also great sources of information. By integrating into these vast distributor datasets, you are able to get insights into component lead times, availability, and parametric data to aid in your part choices up front.


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Distributor Integration with OrCAD CIP

OrCAD CIP makes it easy to leverage real-time distributor data directly inside your OrCAD design environment. Easily search across many distributors to find the parts you need and gain insight into key metrics such as lead-time, price, and availability without leaving your CAD tool. CIP also enables you to merge this data directly into your CAD library, so all users can access and leverage this information in their part decisions and automated BOM generation.

  • Automated integration into multiple component distributors
  • Search and filter results based on key distributor data points
  • Automatically inject and update your CAD library with this data to ensure all users are on the same page

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