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Design Anywhere, Create Everywhere with OrCAD in the Cloud


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the freedom to design from anywhere?  To have a fully functional PCB design tool at your fingertips when inspiration strikes? To be unrestricted by desktop software and/or OS? The days of fantasizing are over. With OrCAD® Capture Cloud you can.


OrCAD Capture Cloud Screen shot


Freedom to Design Whenever, Wherever
The OrCAD Capture Cloud introduces a new way of thinking about PCB design. Imagine you are working on the latest gadget set to revolutionize the electronics industry. Your company is expected to be the first to release, but rumor has it one of your competitors is working hard to release a similar product soon after. This product could be monumental in your career, the best thing you’ve ever created, but the deadline is tight with zero room for error. You only have a few more things to finalize and the schematic will be ready for the next stage in the design to implementation process which is due in just a few hours and suddenly you are pulled away from the office for the day.


While away you don’t have your work computer with your OrCAD software, however, you remember OrCAD has moved to the cloud. You quickly log in to the OrCAD Capture Cloud on your personal laptop, make your adjustments, and notify your teammates back at the office that the latest version is ready for download. They receive word and by the time you are back in the office you are right on schedule for production.


We’ve all been caught in situations that pull us away from the office for one reason or another. OrCAD has brought PCB design to a whole new level allowing you to work from anywhere, in the cloud, without limits or restrictions. With the full-featured, web-based variant of OrCAD Capture, you have access to all the perks of OrCAD in your browser. Build out your schematic with ease utilizing industry standard OrCAD Capture technology, including access to the Ultra Librarian 14-million-part database directly within your schematic canvas. Getting from idea to schematic for your next great product has never been easier.


Path to Production
Unlike other offerings, your designs aren’t trapped in the cloud. The built-in cloud connector allows you to easily bring your designs from the cloud to production. Gain the freedom to explore your ideas in the cloud with the assurance you will have access to the full OrCAD PCB routing, simulation, and DFM tools you need to make your ideas a reality. 
OrCAD Capture Cloud allows you to do more in less time. With the freedom to work from anywhere, you will encounter fewer obstacles and less restrictions; increasing your productivity without sacrificing quality of work.  Meet deadlines regardless of where you are with OrCAD Capture Cloud. Try OrCAD Capture Cloud for free now.



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