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What’s New: OrCAD 17.2 QIR 5

The OrCAD® 17.2-2016 Quarterly Incremental Release 5 (QIR5) is now available and adds new functionality to OrCAD 17.2. The latest features will help you to be more efficient in product design by providing customizable workflows and toolbars and enhancing the Interactive 3D canvas. This is in addition to numerous productivity enhancements.


New Start page



The new start page provides easy access to useful information for both new and existing users. Now Tips and Tricks, Best Practice papers on a variety of topics ( HDI and Rigid-Flex, Recent designs lists, etc.) are included in one convenient, easy-to-find location.


Customizable Workflow and Toolbars



New canvas and workflow enhancements provides users with quick access to frequently used commands, providing the tools needed to be more productive while designing.  The design workflow takes you through the typical steps of a design and puts the features you need right at your fingertips. As the complexity of your design increases (or as you begin to work in specialized teams), you can create custom workflows for specific tasks or roles such as library creation or internal quality control checks. You can also customize the toolbar to make the tool fit your unique design needs. Additional workflow and canvas enhancements include:

  • Quick Access to frequently used icons
  • Improved graphics response time and display resolution including: customizable levels of pin/via granularity and slider settings to filter small objects from display.
  • Modernized command window
  • Colored visual indicators
  • Eliminates search icons or menus


Check out the video to learn more.


3D Canvas Enhancements



New functionalities are constantly being added to the OrCAD interactive 3D Canvas. Updates included in the OrCAD 17.2-2016 QiR5 include:

  • The addition of STEP, 2D and 3D PDF file support.
  • Additional export controls such as export in a bent state or export only what’s visible.
  • 3D PDF enhancements:
    • Rotate or spin the design
    • Search for symbols, pins, and other database objects
  • Chip on board visualization


Productivity Enhancements

This QIR 5 update also includes many productivity enhancements including:


Edit-Move Support

Legacy Edit Move command now integrated into the DFA application.









Route Vision

This feature now provides a new option to suppress violations within pad boundary







   Padstack Editor

      –  Donut pads now supported on mask layers

      –  Copy/paste across domains

      –  Issues related to auto-scrolling addressed








   Via Label Enhancement

      –  Via Labels display begin/end layers

      –  Enable label column in color dialog






This update is available to all users on maintenance. To download the update visit Cadence downloads.


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