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Gadget of the Month: Ziro, The World’s First Hand-Controlled Robotics Kit

Recently, Arrow teamed up with Cadence to provide integrated design tools to engineers, creating an accelerated path for new product development and the ability to bring products to market faster and cheaper.


Now, thanks to this collaboration, customers will have access to qualified components while using Cadence’s PCB suite, enabling them to deliver innovative designs to market swiftly. For Arrow, having the OrCAD suite of design tools in their portfolio now allows them to better support engineers by enabling them to create and deliver reference designs in OrCAD formats to users who already utilize OrCAD design tools.


In addition to Arrow’s collaboration with Cadence, Arrow has also partnered with INDIEGOGO, a website where startups and entrepreneurs can receive funding from the public for their products. With the formation of these powerhouse partnerships, we decided to feature startups and small tech companies within INDIEGOGO on our blog each month.


We couldn’t think of a better company to kick this series off other than Ziro, the world’s first hand-controlled robotics kit. Ziro offers several kit options: out of the box, pre-made toy kits, or make your own.


A recipient of the Best of CES Finalist in 2016 award, this robotics kit also allows you to design and build your very own creations. With easy control and endless possibilities, this is a great item for beginners, as well as those who want to bring a creative twist to robotics. 


What sets this robotics kit apart from the rest is the Arrow Certification. This certification helps establish the trust backers need to provide the upmost support for a product. With this support and certified review by a team of engineers, there’s no wonder why companies such as Ziro are successful.  During the certification process Arrow’s own engineers provide feedback and analyses regarding bill of materials optimization and design-for-manufacturing review, ensuring the product is ready for production and beyond with no foreseeable setbacks.


Ziro has wrapped up their campaign, and is currently in manufacturing and assembly process. Want to purchase your Ziro kit today? Visit Indiegogo’s website or the Ziro website here today to learn more.


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