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Make your Next Big Idea Instantly Possible with OrCAD

Last January, Cadence announced its collaboration with Arrow promising to enrich the OrCAD user experience. This provided users with access to Arrow’s comprehensive online component and reference design data, along with other key components. Now, this collaboration has provided another exciting outcome: OrCAD Capture cloud.

OrCAD Capture Cloud is a free-to-use online tool which uses Arrow.com’s massive component library to allow a user to research and select parts, create and reuse their designs, and maintain a living database of relevant, accurate component data—It is 100% OrCAD in the cloud.

This is a true cloud software—it is completely browser based and platform independent, so you can work on projects from wherever on whatever is most convenient for you.

Designed with all users in mind, OrCAD Capture Cloud allows you to immediately hit the ground running. With the combination of Arrow’s reference designs, component and symbol libraries and OrCAD’s design capture software, you will be able to deliver products to market faster than ever, all you have to do is fire up your browser.

Click here to learn more about OrCAD Capture Cloud.

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