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Harmonize your ECAD and PLM Systems with an Integrated Solution

Managing all the facets of PCB design data can be a difficult task to tackle. As the electronics market continues to thrive, circuits have become more complex with shorter design cycles and less room for error. As a result, the old ways of managing PCB design data and communicating changes across the organization are no longer sufficient. In a recent webinar, Connecting OrCAD/Allegro with your PLM, we cover the growing complexities of data management and discuss ways to resolve issues through an integrated solution. 


Typically, ECAD systems are not designed to work together with PLM systems resulting in a number of challenges throughout the design process. Users have expressed several data management challenges they face on a day to day basis including:


  • Data loss due to un-managed (not backed-up) file storage
  • Part sourcing issues not communicated across the design team
  • Inaccurate BOMs going to production 
  • Inability to track design across hardware, software, and mechanical teams


Integrated solutions that harmonize your ECAD and PLM systems through a bi-directional workflow help to minimize issues associated with PCB data management.


When working in an integrated environment, design teams have the ability to create projects and manage design data seamlessly on a day to day basis. Our Enterprise Integrate solution provides users with a solution that will work with all major PLM systems, providing a pre-configured approach which can be customized as needed, reducing overall implementation time and cost. Our solution solves data management issues by providing users with the tools needed to effectively design projects including, but not limited to: BOM upload and management tools, creation and updating of all OrCAD related output data, configurable workflows, and the ability to check projects in and out to the PLM system from within the OrCAD desktop. This ensures you are always working on the latest version.


Enterprise Integrate Workflow


Managing your PCB data can now be a seamless process, completed directly within the OrCAD and Allegro tool sets, allowing you to make effective design decisions early in the process when the cost of change is the lowest. By harmonizing your ECAD and PLM systems with an integrated system like our Enterprise Integrate solution, you can expect to reduce time to market, prevent errors and data storage issues, and create a more proficient design workflow resulting in higher quality products. 


Interested in learning more about our PLM integration solution? Check out our webinar Connecting OrCAD/Allegro with your PLM for more information and a quick demonstration. 


Ready to connect your PLM today? Contact us to discuss your PLM integration needs. 

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