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National Pet day brings you the DogWatcher

As most of us know, while we love our pets with all our hearts, they can be little mischief-makers when we are not around. Since today is National Pet Day, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to a helpful invention called DogWatcher. This device uses the Arduino MKR1000’s capabilities, a buzzer, motion detector, and camera to help you monitor your pets, naughty or otherwise, and keep them out of areas they aren’t allowed.



The DogWatcher camera is hooked up to a Windows 10 Surface and when the alarm goes off, it will take a picture of the furry culprit. Once the photo is taken, it will then sound an alarm to warn your pet to get out of the area they are in. If you would like to be made aware of your pets actions as they are happening, this device can hook up to an IoT hub so whenever a picture is taken, you will get a push notification as well. Also, instead of a Windows Surface, the DogWatcher is designed to work on a Raspberry Pi 2. The Raspberry Pi might be a better option since it allows for more mobility with the camera, however in the end, it is a personal decision.


Does this sound like a device you could use to keep your furry housemates out of trouble? You’re in luck since its schematics, code, and online services available are here.

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