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PCB Design: Beyond the Desktop to the Cloud

Cloud-based services connecting individuals to online data is becoming part of everyday life. Whether you are buying space on cloud infrastructure such as Amazon A3, utilizing an existing platform such as Facebook, or storing and sharing files via Google Docs or Flickr you are already utilizing cloud- based services. Businesses are beginning to recognize the immense potential of utilizing the cloud to increase productivity as well. It has become increasingly more efficient for businesses to move beyond the desktop to the cloud for increased accessibility, collaboration, and reduce time-to-market. 


Benefits of Moving to Cloud-based Services


There are countless benefits to switching to cloud-based services. The cloud offers an environment for your company to build a unified presence with cooperative sharing and a convenient central hub for collaboration among team members. It is possible for engineers to work on the same project at the same time without disrupting workflows. Common data is shared between users, relying on a single environment to implement updates and revisions resulting in improved data management.


Seeing as the cloud is connected to the Internet, project teams will see an increase in accessibility and adaptability as they are able to work from any location with an Internet connection. Although PCB designers and engineers have not yet started to leverage these the technologies to their full potential due to lack of support from tool vendors, the cloud has the potential to positively impact the way PCB design is done in the future.


Why the Cloud is a Better Option for Library Data


An ideal and easy place for PCB engineers to start when implementing  cloud based services is with their library data. For PCB library data the cloud offers several indisputable benefits:


  • Avoid the need for costly hardware and software and the maintenance that comes with it
  • Increase productivity with easy access to PCB libraries anywhere with Internet access
  • All data is stored and updated in just one place eliminating unnecessary replications of data


How to Get Started with the Cloud


Are you ready to make the transition to the cloud? Anytime, anywhere, access your library parts without having to host them on your own network is an essential change for PCB design teams.


If setting up your own cloud infrastructure or creating your own PCB CAD libraries is not of interest you can still move to the cloud. EMA recently announced Ultra Librarian for OrCAD, providing a cloud-based library with over 7 million symbols and footprints. The seamless integration into the OrCAD software allows designers to move between design and library search easily without ever leaving the design environment.


Learn more about Ultra Librarian for OrCAD today!

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