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The First Helpful or Intelligible Guide Anyone Has Ever Given You

After months of hard work and collaboration, we are excited to announce the launch of our ebook: The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design.


This book was created because PCB design is changing. EE’s are now commonly being asked (expected) to manage the entire PCB design process from concept, to PCB layout and routing, through final manufacturing. We understand how challenging it can be for today’s EEs to be given ownership of the entire PCB design process especially when much of the skills and knowledge required to be successful are normally not taught in university. This leads to a lot of ‘on-the-job’ learning and trial and error which can result in wasted time and worse yet, missed schedules and product failures.


We here at EMA want you to be successful. We want to empower you, the next generation of PCB Design Engineers, to “Rise Above the Average” and be able to take on this additional role knowing you have the skills required to make sound design decisions (or at least know how to ask the right questions).


As some of you Douglas Adams fans already know, the book is a play off The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and offers a cheeky, easy-to-understand overview of the PCB design process (who says engineering must be boring?).


The guide starts with the journey of Ian, a new EE getting his footing in PCB design. Ian creates some major design faux pas, which produces a design that cannot be manufactured. However, thanks to the input and advice of several industry veterans, Ian is given a crash course on how to produce a successful manufacturable board. While Ian’s story is meant to be fantastical, the issues he faces on his first PCB design project are all too real. Don’t panic. The guide is here to help.


Here’s what you will learn:


  • How to create a robust and manufacturable PCB layout
  • Who your project stakeholders are and why their involvement is essential for design success
  • Why it’s important to incorporate DFX (Design for Excellence) and the many topics it covers
  • Design best practices you need to know


The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design contains over 100 pages of contains real-world, actionable tips from experienced industry professionals and including checklists, detailed graphics, best practices, and links to additional resources. Best of all, it will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to achieve design success no matter what CAD software you use.


Download your free copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design.

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