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Why Integrated Workflows are Important for Effective PCB Design

In PCB design, designers are being tasked to do more with less time. Implementing the correct workflows and tools from the beginning are some of the easiest ways to help mitigate this issue. Integrated workflows help with many aspects of the design process. They help to increase productivity, decrease margin for error, and optimize the PCB design process—ultimately providing cost savings along with it.


Products that incorporate integrated workflows help to accomplish the goal of streamlining tasks, processes, and procedures. By having a schematic capture program which allows for free-flow between analysis and PCB tools ensures policies and procedures are followed—increasing communications between everyone involved in a project.This will ensure you are aware of any changes, correct parts are ordered, and work is delegated appropriately, which will assure your deadlines are met consistently on time.


In addition to an integrated workflow, these products also provide a scalable solution, allowing for your company to evolve as needed without worrying about reworking processes. With technology constantly changing, it is important to invest in a product that will grow with your business—helping you to provide reliable, quality, and cutting-edge products to your clients.


When deciding what products to use to create your PCBs, you must think of your overall design. Ultimately, you should choose tools with an easy flow, allowing for an increase in efficiency—Cadence has a set of tools to help with this.


The OrCAD Capture tool is the first step in achieving a unified PCB environment. The program gives you everything you need for circuit design, analog/mixed signal simulation, component optimization and selection, and a signal integrity plan—providing a virtually seamless, integrated workflow from the start.

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