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Huawei Technologies Increases Overall Efficiency by 15% with Allegro

Established in 1988, Huawei Technologies provides customized network solutions for telecom carriers around the world. Specializing in the research and development and production and marketing of communications equipment, Huawei holds leading positions in the global market in the areas of 3G, next generation network (NGN), switching, xDSL, optical network, and data communications.



Huawei’s Wireless Interconnection Design Department team was embarking on the design of a next-generation base-station which included several pieces of new technology. The mixed-signal PCB design posed several business and technical challenges. The design the team was working on included digital circuits, RF circuits, and a power amplifier on one PCB, and they wanted to find a way to improve their design efficiency.



Until this point, the team had been using the Allegro system interconnect design platform for their digital PCB design needs and another tool to deal with mixed-signal issues. They wanted to consolidate their design environment, using one solution to address all of their PCB design needs.This is when the team approached Cadence to see if there was a way to use the Allegro platform and services for all their needs, allowing them to avoid time-consuming tasks such as database transferring.



By deploying Cadence’s Allegro RF PCB service (which includes a custom RF PCB module and a flexible shape editor (FSE) module that work in conjunction with the existing Allegro PCB Editor) to address the specific requirements of RF PCB design, the team at Huawei was able to effectively create a complete, unified, mixed-signal RF PCB solution with instant flexibility. Not only did this service help the design team meet both its technical and time-to-market goals, they increased their overall efficiency by 15%.During this project, Huawei was able to do what they constantly seek to improve: their technology and design process.



To read the full success story, click here.

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